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pragmatic visionaries.

  • Business Consultancy A team of multi-disciplinary business consultants leveraging over 60 years of business management and process experience across several industries and channels.
  • Logistics End-to-End Systems and Processes derived from real-world retail, e-commerce and warehousing experience from ground-floor and management to ownership optics!
  • Design Digital, Print, Packaging, Video and Audio Design team leveraging years of Top-5 Advertising Agency experience.
  • Development Mobile, Web and Desktop applications (apps) in a variety of languages and environments.
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO, Keywords, Terrestrial Listings and more to expand the reach of your business and ensure a deep footprint are one of our specialties.

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Awesome. SRC provided a clean and simple approach that was staring me in the face - saved hundreds of thousands of dollars!

John O'Malley,

Clean design and clear communication. Reliable. They took the time necessary to meet my goals and exceed them!

Xenia Jimenez,

Event Services

DJ, Catering and Equipment rentals.

Professional DJ Services

Corporate Events. Popup Events. Weddings. Proms. College Parties. School Dances.


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Corporate Events. Popup Events. Weddings.


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Equipment Rentals

Mixers. Amplifiers. Speakers. Microphones.


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Why Sean Roberts Consulting?

It's simple. We know things. Over 80 years of combined disciplines achieve what others can not - success. All aspects of business - especially online and socials.


How much does all this awesomeness cost me?

You would be surprisingly stoked to know that our rates are half, yeah that's right 50% off, of our comparable competitors! Our rates range from $85-135 depending on the expertise, level of effort and disciplines required.


How do I start the process?

It's super easy to get started. All you need to do is fill out the simple form on the home page - this page ^ above. Fill it out and state your needs and we'll get everything going for you. We're already excited!


Do I have to be in or near Orange County, California to utilize your services?

For a majority of our services, they are digital and online so it is very easy to service customers anywhere in the world. Some services that require on-site expertise will require travel and accommodations.


Why is everyone else in such a hurry and you seem to be more laid-back?

With all the expertise that we have and experience of many decades, we've seen the trends come and go. We see these kiddos cranking out content on the platforms of "tomorrow"! Well, do you remember Altavista? Do you remember MySpace? We use proven technologies that get the job done.

Why not get it right now. It’s awesome enough.

We are awesome and we are proud to say it. Years of experience and many different disciplines serve us well. We are here to turn those services to you and provide superior service and results. Never before have resources of this caliber been made available to the public sector. We have always been in the background and shadows doing the heavy lifting for other agencies - now we are here for you. With access to hundreds of top-tier advertising professionals - the results are boundless.

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